The Awakening

by Vera

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This LP was recorded, mixed and mastered in "The Basement" in 2007. However, these recordings here were remixed and remastered in 2009 in "The Basement".


released December 21, 2007

Eiður Steindórsson (vocals, guitars, programming, mixing)
Einar Kristján Bridde (bass, programming, mixing)

Guggý: Violin (The Void, The Surrender & The Path)
Sri Njalli: Throat vocals (The Modern Savior)
Óli íla: Screams (The Alpha Centauri Message)
Itzhak Bentov: Speech (The Alpha Centauri Message)

Album cover: Jónas Valtýsson (




Vera Reykjavík, Iceland

Business in the front, party in the back

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Track Name: The Clash
the star shines bright and the heat reaches it's peak
for us this sounds weird as the holy days draw near

the black swan meets the white
they bend their necks and form a heart
only if we could be that smart

the peaks will turn gray on the holiest day
the sea will give us her final embrace

in the end we are all the same
we will meet in the unknown place
Track Name: The Sky Rains
silky fields moving in the wind
as the waves of the sea speak too me
how can I translate this?

I hold my breath as the sky rains down on me
I close my eyes and feel the raindrops fall on me

this day makes me feel both black and blue
I found the truth in the freezing cold
this is how you talk to us
Track Name: The Void
my grip is loosing it's form
I'm like leaves falling off in a storm
I hope the eye will find me and stay
before the flood comes to wash me away

you and I, we are in this together
you and I, we are in this forever

the globe begins to swell and I feel like a drain
got this sense in my stomach that is stopping my veins
the deep breath fights the void in my chest
god, cry out your warm tears on the back of my neck

this time it strikes to hard
in time I will be breathing thin air
this time it hurts to much
inside I will be seeking your help

raise me up, he pulls me down
Track Name: The Awakening
this awakening, moves the brush into your crayons
use the tools, delivered on a golden plate
a few strokes will connect the dots
when you are the one

somewhere under the rainbow I will be game over
somewhere over the rainbow I will be counting my score

we are building bridges without any directions
find your tool, watch your tool
a few strokes will connect us all
will connect us to the source

doctor describe these feelings
I see the moon in you

have you noticed mother making minds move in motion?
my mind is in motion
Track Name: The Great Black Spot
a big black carnivore chasing me
and the hill I climb is slippery
just one mistake and I'm history
please god, don't let it catch me

up on the hill it looks so small
they put it in a box so I can see
that this animal I shouldn't flee
should I keep or should I pity?

I let go, forgive and release
the black spot on my sphere
Track Name: The Modern Savior
has Ben begun walking on water yet?
should I pull my lungs out of my back?

everything or anything for some eyes to stare
his comeback doesn't work because nobody cares

let me be your savior
I'll let you be me for a day
Track Name: The God Gene
I gave my blood today
but it took my heart away
must be one of these days
got fed to the shark again

afraid when darkness falls
silence creeps around me
images of failure surround me
what power can stop this?

you took me up, out of this pit
pushed me to start again
Track Name: The Shades
I watched this person through the shades
I felt like an ant in a parade
I saw a stranger pull out something
and now the shades have new meaning

as I watch from above
and see my own fatal sores
now I see giving is much more rewarding

for you I gave my life and for that you embrace me

I watched this person through the shades
I felt like an ant in a parade
I saw a stranger pull out a knife
and now the shades have new meaning

as I'm watching from above through light
they tell me what is to be done
you all should put yourselves in others perspectives
and then welcome a new life
Track Name: The Narcissist
have you heard the story
about a hero so obsessed
doomed by it's own complacence
and drowned by it's own reflection

the only thing that's real is my self-complacence
where is my sense of discretion

I watch as people turn their backs
hope they turn around and face me

I'm doomed by my own complacence
drowned by my own reflection
Track Name: The Deepest Breath
wherever is my destination tonight
these endless roads stair me apart

who is under the wheel
someone who doesn't seem to know the way

I loose control
I outstrip your every move
I'm just an inch close
I'm examining your soul

keep clean, keep cool, keep your head straight
it's best for you that my dreams don't come true
Track Name: The Path
will this make me strong
I use your hours for now they are gone
before your time my purpose was none
now this thing is all that I live for

awake and breathing in my goal
driving alone on this endless road
finally my heart speaks to my soul
your wings will carry me forever

write this down and read it every day
listen to what I have to say
"find your path, heart and soul
before you loose them all"
Track Name: The Surrender
life fights
resistance on this ball
that is spinning us in circles

do we play this game for no reasons?
is this in your hands if I surrender?

the wind carries me on
why not in your arms

this pain buries me down
my path into your heart

raise your breath the voices sang
head falls down into your ground
I'm coming home but they're crying
Track Name: The Alpha Centauri Message
I watched the sky becoming darker
I touched the night so I could feel much smaller

this winter collects fresh new secrets
when I feel this night getting darker

what would it be like if we had four years and four months
to watch inescapable doom heading to us

this winter collects fresh new secrets
when we all feel this night getting darker

advancing towards us
knowing when it finally arrives
it would blow off the skin
right of our bones
Track Name: Kaldur Vindur
kaldur vindur streymir upp að mér
sólin sest og felur sig frá þér
gangan styttist en ég veit það er nóg eftir

bara að ég gæti hlaupið burt frá þér
falist bakvið fjöllin og horft á þig
hvílst þar í friði og komist burt frá því sem ég sé

svart hlið merkt mynd af mér
dauð von sem nærist enn
kalt hlið dregst að mér
hlýir straumar flæða um þig enn

grátur rennur samt helst þú frá mér
grátur lekur, gleðin ert þú enn
englar hljóða hvernig líður þér
englar hvísla þetta er ekki rétt