Ghost Aircraft

by Vera

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Recorded at our rehearsal garage and "The Basement" in 2009. Mixed and mastered at "The Basement".


released December 21, 2009

Eiður Steindórsson (vocals, guitars, mixing)
Einar Kristján Bridde (bass, mixing, cover design)
Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson (drums)

Hrafn Thoroddsen (keyboards on Green Hills)
Laki Sideris (cover photo)




Vera Reykjavík, Iceland

Business in the front, party in the back

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Track Name: Qualia
feel free to forget yourself
in this land of emotions
set out into a journey of qualia
while the passage is open

this ain't so much fun anymore
reliving this random experience
over and over again

fly in his arms

in jelly of the hologram relations
movement arrives to omega
concede to free the self
time to salute in submission

where is the way out
show me the way out
there is no way out
Track Name: Lost World
weak foundations
uprising below statues of disorder
mistaken relations
turning toward chaos
unquestioned believes
turn into restrictive religions

strong foundations
uprising over statues of disorder
collective relations
direct to growth
the unanswered truth
feeds on unlimited facts

inquisitiveness never again
natures feet stamp on your head
stave in truth
intimate knowledge

within I see you inside me
you're in my world now
Track Name: Rings of Cancri
launch me up
never coming back
find my way
leaving into the void
behind cancer he shines
in constellation sight

rings will guide me
out of sol's system
find my way
through the sharp crystals

rings please guide me
within your system
lead my way to cancri's nest

see the second sphere shining red
rings of cancri dance with me
this second world is in serenity
hovering freely
gravity takes me home

gravity I feel you
gravity I see you
Track Name: Rhythms Divine
aware in motions time
desired place to seek
relive the rhythms divine
focused inward sky
Track Name: Co Creator
I see you in the prime
we see off over night everyday
precious motherhood flames
nutrition's for all there is
my dear co creator enlights me
higher and higher

gazing at the fire
the leader knows the way
unstable in motive position
unaware of your cherished warmth
these fists have no scares
but still I have fought for you all this life
why so much hate within love
lead me the way into your solar crown

nothing compares to you
do you lead me the way into your solar crown
Track Name: Green Hills
dark clouded mind in bright shining day
find her praying
from expatriations
unlearning forms
shape in settled inner pain
the female of amor
suspires deploring actions

all I see are green hills (define me)

within I feel the wizard buried in sleepy strain
within us we will shine
inside we'll feel the same
your stars will shine again
still afraid to see the fall
my second time to confess
the path of denial in her hall

buried in my head
trying to forget
burning us down
mother regrets
Track Name: Fountain
grope the road to higher plains
one on board from creatures mind
set on sailing in your sky
let the waves control your sight

living humans
all is with in sense
growing humans
all to be and see
evolving humans
all there is to come
dying humans
all in path to home

living fountains
operating free
breathing colors
flowing through me
living fountains
operating me
breathing colors
flowing through me