EP 2008

by Vera

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Recorded in our rehearsal garage, studio "Ástarsorg" and at "The Basement" in 2008. Mixed and mastered at "The Basement".


released December 21, 2008

Eiður Steindórsson (vocals, guitars, mixing)
Einar Kristján Bridde (bass, mixing)
Arnar Ingi Viðarsson (drums, album cover)




Vera Reykjavík, Iceland

Business in the front, party in the back

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Track Name: Galactic Worms
maturing through series of stages
riding down through funnel of ages
multi-legged eating machines
floating in empty spaces
outer layer openings

anchor yourself into this sub-state
give me your soul
you're changing for the last time
I'm the leaf of this creation
I will be food, feeding generation

I'm changing
I change in growth
please send me home

the hard ridged chorion
the shaping micropyles

the instars
the imago
Track Name: Liquid Skin
your eyes, they speak with colors
your eyes, they move, see the sounds
the sky listens when you move the air with your lips

I see you fall through wide distance
as people crawl to heal your colors

she looks at the picture in the mirror
stone face reflects, hitting emotions
her true divine, her own design

ocean liquid dripping down your chin
emotion liquid is dripping down your skin
Track Name: Yin vs. Yang
I saw your eyes move in an uneven rhythm dance
on the day I discovered it wears two faces

I sense you in my yin
is there love without yang

a war has begun between yin and yang
clapping their hands, seeking response, from the source

there is no love in this place

I feel you in my dreams
is there love without you

I see you in my my dreams
there is no love without you
Track Name: Facing the Fall
in the world of freedom and control
I walked this city trough all streets
to find the tallest building with the highest roof

with every step the ladder grows
and climbing seems wondrously weary

looking up the raining sky I see stars are missing
the walls echo unhuman roars trying to daunt me but gladly failing
standing on the free fall tip, feels comfortably thrilling
behind a glass there is a face watching me clearly

three knocks on the window to make you smile (don't cry)
the look in his eyes, packed my wings, I cant let go (so don't cry)

is this just in my mind
or is this something more?
what happened to this world?
what happened to my creation?