EP 2005

by Vera

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This EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in two home studios: "House of Fun" and "The Basement" in 2005. However, this version here was remixed and remastered in 2009 in "The Basement".


released December 21, 2005

Eiður Steindórsson (vocals, guitars, bass, programming, mixing)
Einar Kristján Bridde (guitars, backing vocals, programming, mixing)

album cover by d0dz (www.aimforthehead.net)




Vera Reykjavík, Iceland

Business in the front, party in the back

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Track Name: Dance in Crossfire
the rain pours down, bouncing off my coat
and the bullets fly all around me

finally I feel no anxiety
for where I've been you don't need skin

is there no one, no where who sees as I

I feel as pure as the mountain rivers
I feel as clear as the star filled sky
I feel as sheer as the growth of the grass
I feel free in this fog filled cemetery
Track Name: King of the Road Killers
waiting for the trip to flow
feeling skin fighting cold
air that whistles in my ears
a song that creates my own fears

the matter and my blood clash so wrong
it's too strong
the matter and my blood clash so wrong
am I strong enough

to find your self stranded in a bathtub
with an 8 inch blade reaching your throat
is something you should consider a wrong path
through the road in your life

the matter in my blood
Track Name: Triangular Forms
the east is best described as contradiction to the west
as my journey carries on I find myself walking taller

wild life roaming the streets save from human kind
all these strange things are making me open my mind

I see the sun rising behind the triangular forms
the all around goose flesh and the heat is killing me
Track Name: Alone
here I sit
no one looks at me
15 souls drifting all around me

at the same time I wish they could see me
a voice whispers too me
"you are alone, don't be the brainless,
when the candle goes out you will die alone"

all alone vera

when the candle goes out you will die alone!
when the candle goes out will I die alone?
Track Name: The Genealogical Tree
a new baby born with a silver spoon in hand
living it's life without clause like
"who will climb the highest mountain,
who will sink in the deepest sea"

roaming in the streets, how has this happened to me
Three creeps lurking, soon surrounding me
I'm so lost, the fear is overtaking me
I'm so lost and they are surrounding me

has the genealogical tree finally found me?

I'm sinking in the deepest sea
and the tree has finally found me